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Canon Wireless Printer Setup

Find the best steps for How to Setup Canon Wireless Printer.

  • Take out the Canon Pixma Wireless Printer and remove all the extra protection that comes with it. Turn on the Printer and when the screen prompts, insert the ink cartridges. The first printer ink cartridges come with the box and you can use them. 
  • Then you will be taken to the printer screen where you will have to print and scan the alignment and then click OK.
  • Once that is done Insert the setup CD to install canon pixma printer and then you can install the relevant drivers for the wireless network. 
  • Now, the CD setup instructions will be shown on the screen and you will have to follow them step by step. 
  • Once the Printer is on you will see on the screen the wireless network that you are connected to. You will have to enter the relevant credentials and then you will be connected to the network. Now, you can start using the printer. For that do a demo print to make sure that the software will use this printer as a primary printing device. 
  • Now, go back to the Canon Pixma Printer setup and search for the printer connected to the internet on your system and this will the computer to share the files with the printer. This process may take a few minutes but once it is done you are good to go.
  • Now, Select your printer and set it as a default printer.

These are the simple steps that you have to follow for canon pixma printer wireless setup. Once that is done you can start making use of the excellent and superior functionality of the Canon Pixma Printer.  Just make sure to follow these steps in an order to avoid any trouble.